Members of the Inglewood, Calif. community were outraged to learn that school district administrators had spent $38,000 worth of public money vacationing at a luxurious hotel and spa — ostensibly for the purpose of discussing strategies for implementing the Common Core standards at schools in the impoverished district.

Later, when the spa trip was uncovered and reported by local news, a veritable army of police officers was dispatched to one of the schools to prevent a protest by angry students.

Cash-strapped Inglewood Unified Schools was taken over by the state of California in 2012 and bailed out to the tune of $55 million. Still, administrators found the money to buy themselves a lavish vacation at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa.

Though the relatively small district includes fewer than 20 schools — and only principals and top administrators attended the spa trip — it still cost $38,000.

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