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Gov. Haslam no closer to decision on 'ag-gag' bill

 Gov. Haslam no closer to decision on 'ag-gag' bill
Posted May 1st, 2013 @ 6:00am by News Center

SMYRNA, TN (AP) _ Gov. Bill Haslam says he is no closer to making up his mind on whether to veto a bill that makes it a crime to video record animal abuse if it isn't turned over to law enforcement authorities within 48 hours.

Haslam told reporters after an event at a Smyrna elementary school on Tuesday that he is considering philosophical arguments and constitutional questions about the bill.

Opponents call it the ``ag gag'' bill, arguing that it would put an end to extended undercover operations like the one that exposed how trainers subjected Tennessee walking horses to beatings and caustic burns.

The governor's office has yet to receive the bill from lawmakers. Once it arrives, Haslam has 10 days to veto it or let it become law.

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