KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ Amid all the history and emotion that accompany a Tennessee-Vanderbilt game, these in-state foes now have a real sibling rivalry.


Vanderbilt hired Garry Christopher as strength and conditioning coach last summer, a year after his younger brother Nicodemus took over the same position at Tennessee. They've been anticipating Wednesday's matchup between Tennessee (14-7, 5-3 SEC) and Vanderbilt (12-8, 4-4) ever since.


Nicodemus says their parents are taking different sides. Their mother's cheering for Tennessee. Their dad's rooting for Vanderbilt. Both are making the trip from Texas to Nashville. Three of the Christophers' five sisters will also attend the game.


The brothers say they talk or text each other almost daily. Discussions about their respective teams are generally restricted to what workout plans have produced results in the weight room.