On my "Morning News with Danan" radio show, I occassional mention Glenn Beck - known on my show as "Crazy Ass Glenn Beck."  Although I don't use Glenn Beck as a consistant news source, sometimes I will mention a news story he is breaking, or something I've heard him say on his show. It's true - there's some things I don't get about Glenn Beck. Maybe that's why he's still entertaining. And maybe that's why I'm sometimes so hard on him.

Crazy Ass Glenn Beck is one of the big three conservative talk radio guys - just behind Laughing Rush Limbaugh and Angry Shawn Hannity. To me, though, Crazy Ass Glenn Beck is the best of the three. You see, I don't know that he always tells the truth - but I do think HE thinks he's always telling the truth. And I believe he is trying to do "the right thing" based on his moral values.

He's a man with passion - he's crazy with it. And that's why he's got a show. That's also why he's got me as a listener. I'm glad he gets emotional about issues. If he feels like crying, he cries. To me, that's a good thing.  Sometimes he even makes me giggle. And sometimes he tells a good story. He's an entertainer - and a good one at that -  but not a news source.

Crazy Ass Glenn Beck will tiptoe around some conspiracy ideas, but unfortunately he stops short of the big ones (911, Chemtrails, Sandy Hook, etc.). When it comes to questioning any conservative powers-that-be, he falls a little short. For instance, with the Boston bombing, he was brave enough to question one aspect of the story - the Saudi national who was spirited away on the wings of a unicorn back to his homeland; but he didn't go into the other obvious lies that the government told regarding the incident. (The coverup of drills, the obvious contractors in the area right before the bomb blast, the fishy death of one suspect, and the oh so convenient throat injury of another.)

Would I want to hang out with Glen Beck? Well sure, why not. Would he want to hang out with me - maybe not. Who knows?  If we were to ever meet I wouldn't curb my ideas or beliefs - and I don't think he'd want me to. I mean, he's friends wtih Pen Gillette, right? I'd like to see him talk with people like Luke Rudowski of We Are Change, though. I also wish he would discuss GMOs and the obvious corruption of the US Government by companies like Monsanto.

But Glenn Beck doesn't need to answer to me. He's got plenty of fans who will listen no matter what he says. And maybe they like him a little crazy too.

Danan Whiddon is a Nashville based writer, teacher, herbalist, and Reiki Master.