Biden To Restaurant Owner: “We Kept You Open”

Biden was asked at a CNN town hall by a restaurant owner struggling to find workers what he plans to do to incentivize people to return to the workforce.

Biden first told him that "we kept you open".

Then he later told him that he should pay more, “my guess is that people being $7, $8 an hour plus tips, that's -- I think, John, you're going to be finding $15 bucks an hour or more now. And -- but you may pay that already. You may pay that already.”

So a lot of these restaurants were forced to close last year, many went out of business those that managed to scrape by and survive are now being told that they need to pay their workers more.

What pay-roll has Biden ever been forced to make.

As JD Vance pointed out, "Biden’s policies have been a disaster for our locally owned restaurants. Inflation drives up the cost of food. And many businesses can’t find good employees. Instead of acknowledging this his polices have made these programs worse, Biden comes to Cincinnati and insults the entire restaurant industry."

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