Standoff Suspect In Custody of Nashville Police

The standoff began just after 7am this morning at the Tony Sudekum Apartments on Charles E. Davis Boulevard in Nashville.  The suspect identified by Nashville police is 29 year old Justin Jones.  Police a ledge the situation arose during an argument between Jones and his wife.  Police arrived on site after Joes took his 11 year old daughter outside and fired multiple shots into the ground.  During the ordeal Jones fired shots hitting Office Gary Hutcherson in the shoulder.  Hutcherson was taken to Vanderbilt treated and released. 


Nearby residents were evacuated to a MTA bus parked a few blocks away, and several neighborhood schools were placed on lockdown during the event per school policy.

Police arrested Jones after the stand off before 2pm today.  Jones has been charged with  Aggravated Assault and may face additional charges.


WSMV, News 4's  Kim St. Onge WSMV filed this report. (Facebook)



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