28 Middle School Students Hospitalized After Eating Valentine's Day Candy


28 middle school students from Georgia had to be rushed to the hospital because they started feeling sick to their stomachs and disorientated after eating Valentine's Day candy. When the students first became ill, officials at Atlanta’s Sandtown Middle School called paramedics, who checked out the children and took them to local hospitals for treatment.

“When students began reporting their symptoms, we partnered with local municipalities to immediately get them medical attention as quickly as possible. For the safety of all, students and staff were instructed not to eat anything given to them by another person and not to eat anything they didn’t bring from their own home,” Cliff Jones, the district’s chief academic officer said in a statement.

Authorities said that they are unsure if the candy was laced with drugs or if somebody wanted to intentionally harm the students. The candy has been taken to a lab for testing.

The students were held in the hospital overnight for observation.


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