Matthew Martin, Owner of Dalamar Homes

Matthew Martin developed a love for construction at an early age, stemming from the influence of his Mother and Father’s involvement and passion for the home building industry. Since age 10, Matthew spent his time running sites and assisting in trade crafts. Immersing himself in the building industry at an early age created a natural desire to pursue it at a professional level. After attending college alongside his mother, Dayla, Matthew partnered with her to grow their lifelong dream - Dalamar Homes. What started from a handful of homes a year, soon developed into 150 homes a year. With passion, family, and a joyful workplace, Dalamar Homes reflects lifelong goals and a mission statement that is held near to the hearts of the Martin family; “Affordable Custom Homes”. Dalamar Homes brings affordable custom homes to everyday people across Middle Tennessee. This started with a promise between Matthew and Dayla, the promise being that they would never build a home that they would not live in themselves. Because of this principal, Dalamar Homes has received many awards, including the National Alliance of Home Building’s “Best in Show” in 2015.

Matthew and his team place a heavy importance on giving back to the community. Therefore, Matthew and his team go to a local non-profit company and volunteer quarterly. Outside of quarterly volunteer days, Dalamar consistently finds ways to keep these non-profit companies close to their hearts. This year will produce the first Dalamar House of Hope, a home built in which all net proceeds go to these local organizations, including Nashville Rescue Mission and Mercy Multiplied. Last May, Dalamar Homes joyfully received the 2018 Nashville Rescue Mission Volunteer of the Year Award.

Outside of Dalamar Homes, Matthew is also on the Better Business Bureau’s Board of Advisors. Through this, he frequently teaches real estate agencies about ethics in home building, advising what to look for during the home building process. He is also on the Board of Advisors for Middle Tennessee State University Construction Concrete Management and the Board of Trustees for Williamson Christian College.

Outside of work, you can find Matthew attending his children’s sports games, running Tough Mudders, and participating in church events.Matthew built a Dalamar Home that he happily lives in with his wife, two children and two dogs.

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