Puerto Rico Government Loses $2.6 Million In Phishing Scam

Cropped Hands Of Person Using Laptop On Table In Darkroom

Cropped Hands Of Person Using Laptop On Table In Darkroom

Authorities in Puerto Rico have launched an investigation after an employee fell victim to a phishing scam and transferred $2.6 million to the fraudster's bank account.

Rubén Rivera, who is the finance director of the U.S. territory's Industrial Development Company, told the police that an employee received an email they thought was from a vendor which contained new bank account information.

The employee transferred the money to the new account on January 17, but officials did not realize the mistake until this past week. Once they learned what happened, they contacted the FBI, which is looking into the matter.

Officials did not say if they have recovered the money, or how the missing $2.6 million will impact their operations. The Industrial Development Company is conducting an internal investigation to determine whether the employee following proper procedures before sending the money.

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