Tennessee School Reverses Decision Regarding Virtual Students At Prom

A school in Tennessee has reversed course after receiving backlash for banning virtual and homebound students from prom, FOX 17 reports.

On Monday (April 5), Franklin County High School announced that only in-person junior and senior students would be allowed to attend the rite of passage. Virtual and homebound students were barred from both purchasing tickets and even attending as a guest.

The move angered many in the community, who took to social media to voice their frustrations.

"If you're letting kids play sports that are virtual or home schooled, then you have to let them attend prom," one social media user wrote, according to FOX 17. Another user commented that it wasn't fair for students to miss the special night: "That is ridiculous to keep kids from their senior prom! A once in a lifetime event."

According to FOX, officials with the school thought they were "accommodating" the wishes of virtual students as they chose to be virtual "because they are afraid of COVID, so what would be the difference in that and the prom," said a spokesperson with Frank County Schools District.

After getting backlash from parents, many of whom had already purchased attire for the formal event, the school reversed its decision Monday. In an email to virtual students, the administration said it "reconsidered and [they] will be allowed to attend prom." Homeschool students can only attend as a guest of either an in-person or virtual student.

Photo: Getty Images