Nashville Market Declared 'Public Nuisance' After Multiple Shootings

Metro Nashville Police shut down and padlocked a South Nashville market Friday (May 14) and declared the business a "public nuisance."

According to a MNPD tweet Friday morning, officers shut down the Egyptian Latino Market on Millwood Drive at Murfreesboro Pike. They declared the market as a public nuisance after several crimes have been reported in the area, including the "shootings of innocent persons" that occurred in September 2020 and January 2021.

Chief John Drake said that hundreds of crimes, including multiple shootings and robberies, have been reported on the property over the past few years, with more than 800 calls to the location since 2015, WKRN reports.

A criminal court judge issued a temporary injunction on Thursday allowing for the closure and preventing the owner and manager from entering the premises.

Officers reportedly met with both the owner and manager earlier this year to say that if the situation didn't improve, the city would take action.

The District Attorney's Office and MNDP said that manager and owner of the market have "allowed the market to be used to facilitate or overtly allow the commission of violent felonies, the distribution of controlled substances, drug use, disorderly conduct, robberies, aggravated assaults, indecent exposure and multiple other criminal violations."

WKRN reports that the market will remain closed pending a hearing on May 19.

Photo: Getty Images