Tennessee Thieves Steal Over $3,000 Worth Of Bees

Photo: Getty Images

A man in Middle Tennessee is searching for the person or persons responsible for stealing thousands of dollars worth of bee hives from his home.

Mischa Nemeth had several bee hives on his Barfield Road property in Lascassas. Unfortunately, he is now three hives short after someone came to the property are left with the heavy hives, according to News Channel 5. It was a monstrous feat taking the hives, the heaviest of which, Nemeth said, weighed more than 400 pounds. In total, he estimates the value of the hives as being more than $3,000.

The loss of the hives is made even more devastating for Nemeth as the bees are considered an "heirloom" taken from a large hive found in the wall of his mother's house. The home itself dates back nearly 200 years and was built in 1837.

Because moving hives, especially of that magnitude, can be a perilous endeavor — one wrong move and thousands of bees could begin to swarm —the suspect or suspects likely knew what they were doing.

According to the news outlet, the theft is considered a felony. Anyone with information regarding the theft or the identity of those responsible are encouraged to contact the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office.

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