New Campaign Offers Tennesseans A Chance To Score Free Beer

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Beer lovers and tree huggers unite!

A new statewide campaign is allowing people in Tennessee a chance to help clean up their communities and score some free craft beer in return. Business and industry leaders around the state are set to launch "Pick-Up for a Pint" on Saturday (January 22), FOX 17 reports. The campaign is part of a larger initiative called Pitch In, which is designed to get more community involvement in anti-litter programs across the state.

Pitch In, in partnership with the Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild, is hosting the campaign's first round of litter cleanup events at participating breweries across the state where volunteers can pick up litter while enjoying a complimentary pint of craft beer. Some of the breweries involved in the campaign include Black Abbey, East Nashville Beer Works, Jackalope and many more.

"We are honored to work with industry leaders to bring Pick-Up for a Pint to breweries statewide and rally support for the state's successful litter pickup programs that collectively remove over 11 million tons of trash from Tennessee's roadsides and green spaces every year," said Steve Wright, president and head of operations at Jackalope. "It is our every hope that breweries will be inspired to carry this work forward and Tennesseans will recognize the proactive role they must play in combating Tennessee's litter problem."

For more information on the campaign or to volunteer for an event near you, visit the Pitch In website here.

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