Popular Nashville Restaurant Warns Customers Of New Phone Scam

Photo: Getty Images

A popular East Nashville restaurant is warning customers about a possible new phone scam.

Rosepepper Cantina may be known for its delicious food and quirky signs, but now scammers are using its popularity to trick people in Nashville. According to News Channel 5, the reported scam claims via text message that the restaurant is searching for new workers and will pay $500 per day if the potential victim were to click the link sent in the text.

The restaurant took to its official Facebook page to share a screenshot of the reported scam sent in by a customer, which can be seen below.

"Hey y'all, one of our regulars showed us this text they got with our name on it. THIS IS NOT US!" the restaurant told its followers, adding that they don't send out texts like the one received by the customer.

While the message may confuse some of the restaurant's loyal customers, Rosepepper's Vice President Andrea Chaires assures the community that the message is fake.

"I just thought you know just in case just to make absolutely sure if anybody else got something like this I wanted to post it and make sure everybody knows it's got nothing to do with us, don't click on any links."

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