Another Rare Orange Lobster Found Inside Tennessee Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

Another rare orange lobster was rescued from a seafood tank, this time from a restaurant in Tennessee.

Chesapeake's Seafood House in Gatlinburg was going through a normal day serving up its menu and going new shipments of fresh seafood when employees noticed a strange sight: A bright orange lobster was mixed in with the rest of the shipment, per WATE.

"When we got our shipment in, that's when, to our surprise, we saw this lobster just looking at us and saying 'Hey! I'm orange! Don't eat me!," said manager John Seffernick.

Staff member Jerry Broyhill said all the employees worked together to make sure the lobster, whom they named "The Big Orange Lobster," would stay safe.

"We had him in a tank, and no one would grab him out to cook him or anything like that," said Broyhill. "He was pretty much off limits."

Chesapeake's shared a photo of the lobster on its official Instagram page, saying, "What a catch!"

"Recently at our Chesapeake's Gatlinburg location, our employees discovered an extremely rare Orange Lobster," the captioned reads. "So rare, that chances of discovering one is 'one in 30 million'!"

The restaurant added that they have since "donated" the lobster to Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies where it will reside for a few months before it ultimately finds a home in the aquarium's Myrtle Beach, South Carolina location for more research.

The unique find comes less than two weeks after another bright orange lobster was found at a Red Lobster in Mississippi and taken to Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies.

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