Florida Teacher Had Explicit Video Chats With Inmate During The School Day

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A Florida teacher resigned after it was revealed that she was having explicit video chats with her inmate boyfriend during the school day. Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith said that a staff member at the prison where 52-year-old Donna Barber's boyfriend, Lawrence Ray, is incarcerated was reviewing footage of their conversations and saw Barber disrobing.

After a further review of their previous video chats, it was discovered that Barber made some of the explicit calls from the school where she worked.

Smith shared the videos on Facebook but quickly removed them due to numerous inappropriate comments.

"I think parents have a right to know who is teaching their children," Smith told the New York Post. "That's why I released this."

The local state attorney reviewed the case and determined that Barber's actions didn't warrant criminal charges. However, the school district where she worked launched an investigation.

After the investigation was completed, Barber was told that the school board was going to recommend her termination. Instead of getting fired, Barber, who was close to retirement, decided to resign.

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