Man Arrested For Attacking Nashville Police With Cat

Photo: Getty Images

A man was arrested in Nashville this week after reportedly attempting to attack police with a cat.

The Metro Nashville Police Department encountered a strange confrontation Wednesday (February 8) morning when they attempted to stop a man who was causing a disturbance on Printers Alley, per WSMV. The man, identified in an arrest warrant as 41-year-old Christopher Gaddis, was reportedly holding tightly on to a cat and yelling loudly. Police learned that he had two outstanding warrants so they set out to make an arrest.

As officers tried to get him to quiet down as there are apartments nearby, MNPD claims Gaddis refused to cooperate and actually used the cat as a means to evade arrest, but not before being scratched several times in the process. The report states Gaddis shoved the cat in the face of one of the officers, who received several cuts on his right hand as he attempting to protect his face. Gaddis also reportedly kicked at the officer's leg during the incident.

Gaddis was eventually arrested and and taken to a hospital to receive treatment for the multiple cuts he obtained from the cat. He was released from the hospital and taken into custody and now faces several charges, including resisting arrest and assaulting an officer as well as the outstanding charges from his past offenses.

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