Tennessee Restaurant Named The Best Sushi Spot In The State

Photo: Burcu Atalay Tankut/Moment/Getty Images

Sushi is a great option if you're looking for a meal that is both delicious and healthy (well, fairly healthy). However, finding the best sushi around can be a bit of a process, especially if you live in a landlocked state like Tennessee.

24/7 Tempo looked at ratings and reviews from a variety of websites, such as Eater, Travel & Leisure and Thrillist, to find the best sushi in the country, compiling a list of the top spot in every state. According to the site, the best sushi place in all of Tennessee is Samurai Sushi, a Nashville favorite that has nearly any kind of sushi you could want, from raw fish and deep fried rolls to nigiri and Naruto rolls, which is wrapped in cucumber rather than rice.

Samurai Sushi has two locations around Music City, one in Midtown and another in Germantown.

Here's what the site had to say Tennessee's best sushi spot:

"Nashville's Samurai Sushi is a poorly kept secret as the best sushi restaurant in town. It's best-known for its super-creative rolls, including the Choo Choo (salmon, crab, and cream cheese, covered with avocado, strawberry, nuts, and eel sauce) and the Rainbow Naruto (tuna, crabmeat, salmon, white fish, and avocado, wrapped in cucumber with no rice)."

Check out the full list at 24/7 Tempo to see more of the best sushi joints around the country.

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