Iran Launches Attack Targeting Israel

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There are multiple reports that Iran had now launched intermediate ballistic missiles – as well as suicide drones – toward targets in Israel. These cruise missiles are much faster than the suicide drones that had been launched earlier today. The targets are about one-thousand miles from Iran and the missiles and drones must pass over both Iraq and Jordan to reach them. Jordan is an ally of the United States and King Abdullah II has reportedly said that any Iranian drones or missiles flying over his country will be intercepted. In response the Iranian government has threatened to retaliate against Jordan or Iraq if they try to stop its aircraft from reaching Israel.

Israel has a sophisticated airborne defense system known as the Iron Dome which is expected to intercept at least some of the missiles, however U.S. fighter jets are also reportedly in the skies above Iraq.

Earlier today President Biden cut short a weekend retreat to Delaware and he is now back at the White House where he is being briefed on the situation. Biden is not expected to address the American public tonight.

It is shortly after midnight right now in Israel, and a short time ago a spokeswoman for the National Security Council said that the attack is likely to unfold well into the morning hours. She added that U.S. support for Israel is – in her words – ironclad, adding “the United States will stand with the people of Israel and support their defense against the attacks from Iran.” 

In response to the military action, former President Donald Trump has posted a message to his “Truth Social” site which said, “This should never have been allowed to happen,” adding “this never would have happened if I were President.”

Iran had warned Israel it would launch a retaliatory strike after an area near its embassy in Syria was targeted earlier this week by the Israelis.

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