Jordan Williams, CEO of Williams Entertainment & Consulting

When it comes to living a life of true passion in one's own career, Jordan Williams certainly has accomplished that; he has embodied his deepest passion project as a platform for creating his own company. As the Founder and CEO of Williams Entertainment and Consulting (WEC), he has meticulously created a multi-faceted company that addresses and revolutionizes many of the inefficiencies that hinder the hospitality and beverage industry today.

“There is a disconnect between suppliers, distributors and retail,” says Jordan. To address this, he has created a proprietary -Club Membership- where he and his team offer national buying power, among other things, for independent bars and restaurants, so they may finally enjoy mass purchasing power that even the larger restaurant chains do not fully capture. 

In addition to all of this, he has many creative ideas and concepts to better serve the event and festival space to coincide with their latest trends.

Jordan leads his senior executive team through experience, concept development, and execution within their respective divisions. Majoring in business development and marketing with an emphasis in law and aspirations to become a litigation attorney, eventually all gave way to Jordan realizing his purest passion was in the business he grew up in, hospitality. 

After accumulating more than 15 years of experience in the beverage and hospitality industry, it was the right time for Jordan to launch "WEC Nashville" into Middle Tennessee.

Each Division offers unique and curated solutions for industry specific challenges:

·Neat Mixology - full-service beverage company and private club

·100 Proof Beverage Co. - facilitates and manages beverage distribution relations

·Capone’s Hospitality Group - works with real estate developers to create custom hospitality concepts

·Music City Festivals - a Nashville based company partnering to bring unique festivals locally

·The Neat Experience - an elevated beverage tasting experience

Mr. Williams has been successful in several capacities within the beverage and hospitality industry. He has designed and created cutting edge cocktail and beverage programs for leading hospitality groups. He became the top sales consultant for one of the largest Anheuser-Busch wholesalers in the US, created multi-million-dollar hospitality concepts and launched several beverage products into regional and national distribution campaigns. 

Due to the success of combining his passion and experience in the beverage and hospitality industry, he is now helping guide and promote that same level of success for all his clients. His strict commitment towards continuing education keeps him current with all trends around the world. Reach out to Jordan or his team at to discover how they may assist you with your business today.

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