Florida Man Accused Of Putting Girl In Oven Rearrested For Burning Child

A Florida father who was previously arrested after being accused of putting a three-year-old girl in the oven as a form of punishment has been arrested again. This time, 47-year-old Terry May is accused of punishing his three-year-old son by pouring boiling water on his back.

Daycare workers noticed the burns on the young boy's back and called the police. Investigators discovered that May allegedly became upset when the boy urinated and the floor and decided to pour a pot of boiling water on his back as punishment.

May was taken into custody and charged with child abuse causing great bodily harm.

This is not the first time May has been accused of abusing children. He was arrested in 2018 over claims that he routinely beat a three-year-old girl, who was the daughter of his ex-wife. In one instance, he reportedly put the young girl in an oven.

He denied the charges and claimed that his ex-wife made them up because she was angry that he wasn't paying child support. Prosecutors ultimately dropped the case against May.

Photo: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office