Brazen Shoplifters in L.A. Stroll Out Of Store With Armfulls Of Goods

Another case of brazen shoplifters in California as two men are seen walking out of a TJ Maxx loaded up with arm fulls of goods.

According to LAPD, two unidentified suspects entered the store between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. and grabbed dozens of items each. The pair was captured on bystander video leaving the store without paying and the LAPD later said that the pair "refused to pay." 

It happened at the TJ Maxx in Granada Hill in the L.A. area. 

One of the men was seen carrying an oversized duffle bag on his back. 

As Fox LA reports:

“in recent months, California has seen an uptick in retail and grocery store thefts. Just last week, a Rite Aid employee in Glassell Park was fatally shot by two shoplifters when he tried to stop them from stealing cases of beer.
Meanwhile, a video surfaced earlier this month showing a man stealing items in a San Francisco Walgreens and leaving the store on his bike with the goods as security guards and onlookers filmed the incident… 
During a Facebook Live, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva discussed the rise in crimes. He said Prop 47 and district attorneys who pride themselves to be progressives and reform minded and who do not prosecute thefts are the real problem. 
"In the past, pre Prop-47 and pre these progressive DA’s like George Gascón, they’d [suspects] at least bother to run out, now they don’t even bother to run out. They just causally stroll out with all the time in the world knowing that as long as they keep the tally under $950 it’s perfectly OK," Villanueva stated.  
When the amount of items stolen are under $950 it is considered a petty theft and charged as a misdemeanor. “

Sheriff Villanueva adds, “how is it working out with this progressive movement to decriminalize everything.”

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