SEE: How Stores Are Trying To Hide Shortages Due To Supply Chain Issues

Retailers across the country are getting creative in an effort to hide bare shelves thanks to the supply chain crisis. 

How long is the White House & the media going to downplay this?

Inside Edition reports:

“Stores are doing their best not to draw customers’ attention to the fact that shelves are much emptier than they usually are.
Some stores are filling shelves with large, out of season items like camping chairs, or “decoys” of real products.
One store went so far as to cover the shelves with a sheet that had a photo of fully stocked shelves printed on it.”

Jazz Shaw at reports that this is all being down in order to avoid panic and hoarding, he writes:

“The explanation being offered by some store managers is that these deceptive practices are intended to prevent people from panicking at the sight of empty shelves and going into hoarding mode, buying up everything they can fit in their carts. But does that make any sense to you? Anyone with two functional brain cells who was able to get in their car and drive to the store is going to figure out these rather lame decoys pretty quickly and would likely just start hoarding the available remaining products anyway…
Of course, none of this would be necessary if the administration could take some concrete action to get more truck drivers back on the road and straighten this out. The Democrats are famously good at giving away other people’s money. Perhaps there should be some sort of temporary federal subsidy put in place to help the driving schools graduate more CDL drivers more quickly.”

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