Democrat Rep Refers To Two Fellow Dem Senators As “White Nationalists”

Remember that Democrats won’t ever hesitate to play the race card on each other.

New York Democrat Rep. Mondaire Jones accused Senators Manchin & Sinema of being white nationalist for opposing the Democrats push to eliminate the filibuster.

Jones said:

“As you just heard, we are living through the worst assault on the right to vote since Jim Crow. And yesterday, on the Senate floor, white nationalists used the Jim Crow filibuster to block voting rights legislation.But they did not win the contest for the soul of our nation.
I rise to affirm that We, the People, aren’t giving up that easy. We never give up.We, the People, didn’t give up when, after we finally ended the scourge of slavery in this nation, white nationalists fought back, violently unraveling Reconstruction, throwing duly elected Black people out of office, and barring Black voters from the voting booth for generations. We organized.”

So many “white nationalist” Democrats over the years supporting the filibuster

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