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Murder Suspect Arrested After Calling 911 To Report McDonald’s Cold Fries

A Georgia man wanted for murder is arrested after he called 911 to complain about the French fries he received at McDonald’s.

Antoine Sims got into a heated argument with a McDonald’s worker on Friday in Kennesaw, Georgia.He ultimately called 911.

When po-po arrived, Sims explained that he and his fiancée were waiting for their order, but that it seemed like too much time had gone by.

An employee said that Sims threatened and cursed at them in addition to hurling his order at them.

Officers inform Sims he is no longer welcome inside and request that he sign an acknowledgement.

The officer then tells him that he has a warrant out of his arrest.

Fox News reports “Sims was previously arrested in March 2019, as he was accused of setting a car on fire with a woman’s body inside in October 2018. He was charged with felony murder and ordered to appear in court.”

Sims tried to take off running, but he was caught after he attempted to break into a third-floor apartment. The officers used a stun gun and apprehended him.

He was charged for his outstanding warrant, as well as obstruction or hindering law enforcement and criminal trespass. He also had a possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute tacked on as police found 31 grams of marijuana in his fiancée’s vehicle.

A police spokesman said "It's very unusual that someone, knowing he is wanted by police, would call the police, but Mr. Sims did that."

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