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New York Times: An SUV Caused the Waukesha “Tragedy”

BUCK: So we have now a moment where we see how the propaganda gets made by the Democrat apparatus, we’re seeing it right now. It’s happening day in and day out. This is right after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. That’s certainly an indicator. It seems to be timing worth noting. When you talk about things like motive this all matters — state of mind, timing — if you ever watch a trial, they’ll ask all kinds of questions about this. Why did you do the things you did?

And in Waukesha we have a mass murder, a mass casualty attack. It was an attack. And they’re already, in real time, Soviet style, trying to rewrite the history of it in such a way that you think very differently about it. You may not even know that this is happening.

Here you go, the New York Times, one of the worst, Marxist, commie, apologist, garbage heaps you could find anywhere in America. They’re awful and dishonest in their reporting on a regular basis. And they would have gone out of business if it were not for a billionaire injecting them with cash. But anyway, “Everything Went Black. The Children Caught in a Christmas Parade Tragedy” is the headline. “A child died on Tuesday and scores of other children were injured when an SUV barreled through the parade on Sunday in Waukesha, Wisconsin.”

When an SUV barreled through the parade? Was anyone driving that SUV? Was there any intention behind the zig-zagging the SUV engaged in to crush and murder and maim more people? Imagine if there was a mass shooting anywhere in this country of, I believe entirely in this case all the victims were, I believe they’re white, that may not be the case. I think all of them were. But I may be wrong. I have to check on that. But imagine just for purposes of our discussion that all the victims were minorities. And that there was a white shooter and the story headline was “A gun started going off and hitting people in a tragedy.”

People would rightly think that was horrific and lose their minds about the dishonesty. How different is it from what the New York Times is doing right here? An SUV barreled through. Barreled through why, who, for what purpose? Caught in a Christmas parade tragedy? No, my friend; they were caught in a mass murder by a man, a Black man who had said repeatedly on social media he wanted to hurt and take down and attack white people.

Now these are the facts as we have them currently. Those are the facts as laid out by his social media posts by the police, by what we have. And we have nothing about motive. Is it possible for there to be a hate crime or a domestic terror attack against white people?

As a matter of law, the answer is yes. But politically is that something that Democrats accept? I will tell you, if you speak to leftists — as I do frequently, believe it or not — if you speak to leftists and say is anti-white racism even possible in America? They will tell you no. No.

In fact, there are some on the left who are — I’m talking about so-called intellectuals and people of public note, who will tell you that in fact any racism that doesn’t even involve white individuals or doesn’t involve whiteness, white supremacy or any of that, let’s say anti-Asian racism from a member of a black community, let’s say, or the Latino community, whatever, it all comes down, white supremacy is the cause of all oppression that intersectionality deals with.

It’s dizzying, it’s incoherent, doesn’t even make sense. That is the belief of the left. They’ll tell there’s no such thing as anti-white racism or an anti-white terror attack, and yet, as a matter of law, that’s clearly possible. And if you look at this — I know they want us to forget about what the likely motive is here, but all the indicators here, the analysis would be this was a hate crime attack by an individual who, maybe he snapped or whatever, there are many factors we could talk about. But he was angry. Was he angry specifically in response to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict? That we don’t know yet. It is plausible.

I think we’ll find out and we’ll find out in time. We’re not going to find out right away because they don’t want you to. Why? Because they want you to forget about Waukesha. I say no. I say we get the answers, we get to the truth.

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