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Glenn Beck on His New Book: The Great Reset

CLAY: We are joined now by Glenn Beck, who a lot of you listen to before this show begins all over many affiliate stations in this country. Glenn’s got a brand-new book out, The Great Reset. I appreciate him joining us, and right off the top, how are you feeling? I got covid here this week as well. I understand that you did also.

BECK: Yeah. I’m fine. I mean, it’s a pain in the neck, but I had it the first time before there was any vaccine or anything, and that wiped me out for about three weeks. I’ve been broadcasting with it and everything. It’s in my lungs a bit for a cough. But it’s like… It was, for two days, a bad cold.

CLAY: Yeah.

BECK: And now it just kind of lingers. I think this is some of the best news that we’ve had. This looks like it’s now starting to repeat the pattern from the 1918 flu influenza. The first year was bad; the second year was worse. By the third year, it started just to go from a pandemic to an endemic, and everybody is getting it. This whole idea of passports and now quarantining? Now is the time everyone is going to get it no matter what you do. I mean, the scientists at the base in Antarctica have it.

CLAY: (laughing)

BECK: How did they get it? You know, this is the best thing that can happen. The death rate’s down 91%, and it will only get stronger from here. The pandemic is just a few weeks away from being over.

BUCK: Glenn, it’s Buck. Always good to talk to you, sir. I wanted to ask you if you could just put this into context for us. You’ve got this book out this week, The Great Reset. I think people have heard the term, it gets thrown around, but what is it? As you write about it but also as everybody listening across the country needs to understand it, what does that mean? It’s a term that the other side has actually used, but you mean something quite differently by it?

BECK: No, actually, I mean exactly what they mean by it.

BUCK: Oh, I’m sorry. You put into context what they’re trying to accomplish with it. Pardon me. Go ahead.

BECK: Yes. This book, Buck, I think is the most important book out there, and I say that only because it’s the only one of its kind. If somebody else can write something better, I will happily promote that. But it’s the only one of its kind in the West, and this is a direct assault on the West: The Western way of life, Western values, our capitalist system, the free market.

Freedom at every single level is at stake, and when you understand what we put together in this book, we’ve taken it from their own words. There’s 50 pages of fine-print footnotes. There’s no speculation. It is what they are doing and passing in laws and everything else all over the world. It is the Rosetta Stone for the news when you’re watching things like the vaccine passports, when you’re looking why that they are fining businesses.

Why does Home Depot…? Why are they allowed to be open but your local True hardware store can’t? Why can I go into a restaurant, take off my mask if I’m seated and eat without a mask, but if I’m in an airplane — which has much better filtering system — I’m sitting down and eating and I have to have the mask on in between bites? Everything is about control, and when you see what’s happening to us financially, this is the next big step.

Covid and global warming are their big pushes for this. But the financial system is coming under attack, and it is very fragile, and the things that they’re doing with banking explains exactly why Nike would take half of their audience and just throw it away, why Coca-Cola would be saying, “We gotta train people would be less white.” Why would these companies do that? It don’t make any sense unless you understand what’s really happening with the Great Reset.

CLAY: Glenn, we started off the show today — and I bet you did as well — talking about what a disaster of a week it has been for Joe Biden.

BECK: Yeah.

CLAY: Where do we go if you are — and I even said, “Hey, if you were paying me to try to defend the Joe Biden administration right now, I can barely even think of an argument to make.” Why do we go now for the Biden administration in 2022 as we head towards what I think most people would anticipate at this point in time is going to be a red tide, overwhelming wave that is going to sweep across country come November? What do they do to try to stop that? Can they do anything?

BECK: So, a really good question, and this again goes into the Great Reset. This is by government fiat. This is not… This is a runaround all constitutional laws. That’s why you see what they’re doing. You know, when the Supreme Court said, “No, we can’t have vaccine mandates,” what did he do? He pressured the businesses to do it anyway.

CLAY: Yeah.

BECK: It’s an Environmental, Social justice, and Governance score. Now, we saw the beginnings of this with gun control. Remember they said, “You know what? We can’t do this. You might not be able to get insurance, and so you’re gonna have to pay, you know, extra for insurance — and these banks? I don’t know. We don’t want to do business with companies that are selling guns.”

That’s just the beginning of it. This score is an arbitrary score set by the banks and elites and people like BlackRock along with the government, and it really is going to turn into pay-for-play. And it will be first on the scores like Coca-Cola. They’re already doing this in Europe. Coca-Cola has to justify their business to the banking community and to the other regulators that are really not part of government, it’s just the financial community.

And they have to justify that they’re being good stewards of the environment, that they are promoting social justice — that they have enough women, enough blacks, enough Hispanics on their board — and beyond this, if you don’t… For instance, global warming is the number one thing that the Great Reset is about, it will be the heaviest hammer. The fed just announced this week that they’re gonna start doing stress tests, “climate stress tests” on all of the banks.

What that means is, are you as a bank loaning money to somebody who does fracking, somebody who is in natural gas, somebody that is drilling for oil or building a refinery? If you do, because of the Great Reset, they are phasing out fossil fuels, and that will put an undue stress on your bottom line. So if you continue to make those loans, then the Federal Reserve says, “This is a sketchy bank. We don’t know how solid it is.”

So everybody is being forced to get out of whatever government says through their little cabal, not through Congress. Whatever they decide they want to do extraconstitutional, they just do it. Now, when you’re a big company, let’s say you don’t do anything with oil or gas, but you make a widget that the fracking people use. Well, now, you’re gonna get a lower ESG score as well and the bank may not give you a loan until you stop selling those widgets to the oil companies.

So this goes all the way down to the individual investor. If you go to your Merrill Lynch fund or Charles Schwab fund, I can guarantee you you’re gonna find ESG. They already started putting those on your personal portfolio. So whatever it is you buy in your stock, your 401(k), you know, your retirement fund, it now has an ESG score.

If you have a low ESG score, banks won’t want to do business with you because you’re a risk. It’s absolutely insidious, and it is the reason why businesses are doing what they’re doing. It goes all the way to why they are targeting parents at schools, because that’s part of the agenda. This is an entire revamping of the entire system, and nobody’s talking about it.

BUCK: We’re speaking to Glenn Beck. The book this week that’s out: The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism. Glenn, one more for you. As people are hearing this, they might be thinking, “Okay. Well, how are we doing in the counterattack, if you will, and what can we do? What can people do listening to this to push back?”

BECK: Here’s the biggest thing — and common sense will tell you this. First of all, you have to educate yourself. You can’t defeat Nazis if you don’t know what Nazis are. You can’t defeat Islamic extremism if you don’t know the difference between Islamicism and an Islamicist. You have to know, and the learning curve has to be almost straight up with America. We are way behind the eight ball.

The other thing that is really common sense — after education, spreading it to others, but also — do not buy into the idea that this is too big of a problem, and you can’t fix it. It is going to be fixed by locals. It is by supporting your local business. It is by supporting your local school board, getting onto your zoning committee. You will be amazed — in small towns all across the country — how much is already zoned, and it’s all part of this global agenda.

It is financial when they talk about — and it’s in the book — the federal government owning 30% of not only the land but all water in the United States by 2030. By 2050, owning 50%. This is a massive plan that will dramatically change human existence. This is the anti-American Revolution, and it will take individuals to stop it. It will take you working in your local community.

One of the things you can do? Stop doing business with these big, huge Fed banks. Get your money into a local-owned and -operated bank, one that’s taking your loans and your deposits and they’re using it in your own hometown. We have to be locally focused! Everything in our society right now, everything they’re trying to do is to make you feel alone, make you feel small, make you feel like nobody can speak out. They are terrified — terrified — of the individual, and we keep dismissing ourselves. Don’t! You have all the power and are the only way it’s gonna stop. It’s not gonna stop because of Washington.

BUCK: The book is The Great Reset. The author is Glenn Beck. Glenn, our friend, thank you so much for being with us and your work. Talk to you soon.

BECK: I have to tell you: You had the hardest transition in radio. I’ve been in radio for 45 years. I have never seen anyone that had a harder uphill battle to do than to replace Rush Limbaugh, and I am so proud of both of you. You’re doing such a great job.

BUCK: Thanks.

CLAY: Thank you so much. It means a lot coming from you.

BECK: Thanks, guys.

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